Mauro Hernández

© Since 2004

Surf City Festival- Barcelona

Mixed media

Contemporary art exhibition.
Fabra i Coats - Barcelona 2017

How is it possible that Surfing survives in a totally
antagonistic place like the city?.
Because Surfing is stronger.

Qualities that give surfing strength
necessary to survive:

I- The passion
Death of the Whirlwind

II- The perseverance
Personal and permanent observatory

III- The insumption
Red flag pro-model surfboard

I- The passion
Death of the Whirlwind

The magical moment of surfing, the essence,
the real against the imposed, the death
of the whirlwind. During the seconds
of a wave, the surfer loses contact
withreality, totally isolating himself
from the world, erasing all his memories.
Everything disappears except that moment.
The summun of surfing causes the death
and momentarydisappearance of the
whirlwind, the city.


II- The perseverance
Personal and permanent observatory

Every surfer develops the ability to
observe and constantly analyze weather conditions.
This work represents the incessant search
for signs that indicate when the next wave will
be and makes special reference to the long
waits of days without waves in the
Mediterranean sea.
"Plato" means sea without waves, despair,
impossible surfing day, but also hope
that soon the big waves will come.


III- The insumption
Red Flag Pro-Model surfboard

This work talks, with sarcasm, about
the prohibition of surfing during red flag days in the
beach break of Barcelona.
It reminds us how freedom of people
is limited by living in society. It encourages
us to search for solutions, to challenge established
norms, nonconformity and insumption.



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