Mauro Hernández

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Rioja Wines

Client: Rioja Wines
Agency: Agr Food Marketing
Creative Director: Jaime Pire
Art director: Mauro Hernández
Design and Illustration: Mauro Hernández


Rioja wines hired us to launch a campaign during fashion week in Zurich which wanted to promote Rioja Origin Denomination Wines as a high quality and exquisiteness product with a modern style.

Step 01.
The protagonist

Step one was to compare the grape, fruit and wine main ingredient, with a precious stone. The Rioja region is characterized by an excellent quality of grapes.

Step 02.
More value to the protagonist

We break off one grape, one precious
stone, and turned it into a diamond

Step 03.
Create different pieces to apply the protagonist
and slogans

To do this we apply different graphic pieces
in places where fashion, culture and wine
was present


. J.Cortina Architecture

. Machete Surf House

. Nike - Old Ad Age

. Really Nice Things

. Juan Llorca

. Nike - Gim Class '59

. Bawd

. Querido Bestiario

. D'Cuchillo

. Frontera Verde

. Coca-Cola

. Nike - The Rocket Shoe

. Suc Studio

. WeTransfer

. Any Image

. Loreak Mendian

. Rioja Wine