Art & Design

Really Nice Things

Client: Really Nice Things
Design and Illustration


Really Nice Things is a store
specializing in the world of decoration, trends and accessories.

Project 01.
Duct Tape Design

They called me to design a duct tape.
We decided to create a design that would reflect
the product they sell in the store
with personal eye-catching design

Project 02.
Poster Design

In this case the work was to design
a poster for a temporary market in the city of Valencia.
For this design, we decided to apply the same
type of product icons that we had created for the tape.
This way further strengthen the brand style


. Suc Estudio

. Nike - Old Ad Age

. D'Cuchillo

. Bawd

. Querido Bestiario

. Nike - Gim Class '59

. Really Nice Things

. Coca-Cola

. Juan Llorca

. Nike - The Rocket Shoe

. Fontera Verde

. WeTransfer

. Any Image

. Loreak Mendian

. Rioja Wine