Mauro Hernández

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Loreak Mendian

Client: Loreak Mendian
Design and Illustration

Client: Loreak Mendian
Agency: Loreak Mendian Graphic Division
Creative Director: Xabi Ziriquiain
Design and Illustration: Mauro Hernández


Loreak Mendian is a clothing brand North of Spain.
His influences include surfing, music, modernism
and design.
First official Loreak Mendian store opens
in the port of Donostia, on Calle Mari, overlooking
the extensive bay of La Concha.
Soon after, Xabi Zirikiain joins forces with
Victor Serna and together they start extensive European distribution.
Now, they have over 15 stores spread between
Spain, France, Japan or Australia and a strong presence
in the online world

Project 01.
Work whith fabrics

Hand Made Collage of seasonal fabric collections
tree leafs and papaer for prints.

Project 02.
AD & Design

Magazine advertising

Project 03.
Wood prints

Traditional seafood illustration for
doors signage


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