Mauro Hernández

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Intramurs 2017

Mixed media

Description: Collection "Create without destroying [1800/2017]".

This collection is a collaboration between the architecture studio Correo Viejo and Mauro Hern√°ndez for the Intramurs Contemporary Art Festival, in the City of Valencia. Creation from the existing, with respect, with a look able to see new possibilities. To create without destroying is the central axis of this collaboration. For this we have used several tiles recovered from a house built in 1800 that have been compacted with debris, we have recovered old objects from the space where the exhibition took place and a project of architecture and reform of historical buildings made by the study of architecture in the city of Valencia. All these elements were used to create an artistic installation where we talked about how through creativity you can build something new without destroying what already exists.

Intramurs Contemporary Art festival
Valencia 2017



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